How to Set up a Broker Account to Trade Forex.

There are over 5 Trillion Dollars traded a Day in Forex?!

It’s time for us to do what the rich and wealthy do…  

Learn the New Rules of Money!

Start by trading in the most liquid, financial market in the World! The first step to begin maneuvering within this powerful platform is to open a Broker account. 

If you live in the USA as I do, you won’t have many choices. It’s not like you can just go to your local bank, open a Broker account with $50 and start trading. The bank will look at you like you are crazy. You will have to go through a Broker that will allow you access to the Forex Market. You can choose whichever Broker Company you like but below I have listed a few Brokers that I use as a reference for you. 

I took all the spooky guesswork out of the process of opening an account with a recorded video that actually walks you through step by step on how to set up a broker account.

Watch the video below.

Click on the pictures to get more information on how to open your Broker account.


Disclaimer: Past profits do not guarantee future results. Of course, with all Brokers you are not insured as these are Trade investments and you are responsible for your own loss or gain. You trade at your own risk.


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